Sunday, June 7, 2015

Nearly finished

Shady colours number 1 is finished. The last back stitching has been done and now it can be laced and off to get framed. I have started number two and am trying to stitch along with mum on the Monday nights. This piece is in green and purple so a bit different to go on the wall.
Also to be framed is walk on the wild side so I have read the finishing instructions and laced the back canvas onto the board. Woo hoo that is for this piece as they were started in Columbus seminar in 2010.
I will try and put the pictures from the ipad onto this blog.

Also since last posting I was given an opportunity to taste test a recipe and made a pad thai, using a packet. It was nice and easy to do. Only change I did was i put some slivered almonds as I don't have peanuts in my house. Just something I don't eat very much of.

Next event is the Woman's Institute Conference. Seven days to go and it will be all on. today I have made rhubarb and ginger jam but not happy with the second batch. I will see if it is set tomorrow and if not I will boil it again on Tuesday.

Stamping up have a new catalogue and there are a number of new items that I would like but will wait until later in the month to see what if tick twice. Going to also try and downsize some of my sets but it is hard as I love them all.

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