Friday, January 9, 2015

The wine road

First stop Gary Farrell which is a boutique winery using grapes from other vineyards. Nice Pinot noir but only purchased a cheese board made of marble.
Second stop was Moshin's which mum and Mj had tried a bottle of before while dining at a restaurant in guernville. This had really nice vin Gris and Pinot noir which we bought a bottle for Ewan. Julia our host at this winery was most informative and the best thing they had a quilt display. It was fabulous fabric art.
Third stop was porter creek and greeted by Doug ? Who was putting up the winter lights. Joe our inside host was chatty and informative about the vineyards that some of their grapes came from and also about grapes and the history in general. This was our biggest purchase with bottles to take home to NZ as well as a couple for the cellar in the house.
Driving along MJ told us that she had been this way with Marilyn and they had stopped at Matrix. When they were here in September the gardens were under renovation, but things had progressed albeit not far we thought. They had a great fountain and bones for excellent garden beds. The lady here was uninspiring and we only bought two bottles, one for me and one for Ewan to have. By this time we decided that four wineries was enough and .lunch was the next order of business.

Driving into Healdsburg we found the Town Square quite easily and three hour free parking. We tried the Healdsburg Bar and Grill for lunch. Nice menu and I chose the falafel which was delicious served with lots of lettuce and great sauce. For starters we had deep fried bacon which was interesting. 
More to come as bed time now and have packed ready for trip back to sf.

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