Monday, January 5, 2015

Unto Utah we went and conquered the Bryce

Another early start for this supposedly relaxing holiday. We were all ready and at the door when Jim our guide for the day, drove up. A great start as it meant we were on our way. Heading north on the interstate we traversed the corner of the state into Arizona and then into Utah. Jim asked if we wanted to stop and as we said no he suggested a side trip into the Kolob Canyon, which is an adjunct to the Zion national park. This was awe inspiring and a great start to the day, as this is a taste of what we would see in the Bryce and Zion parks.

Jim was incredibly knowledgable about the construction of the various plateaus and layers that make up this area of the states. Numerous photos later we were nearing the Bryan canyon lodge, which Jim had promised us was the best pie for lunch. Oh no, our groans resounded. They are closed. Onto the Bryce Canyon and first stop was sunset point, where Stephanie and I went down a couple of bends to experience the hoodoos first hand. Very slippery so Stephanie stayed while I walked along to a small arch in the hoodoo. Amazing view through the hole into Wall Street formations. Was great to see people down the bottom but not us today.

Next stop was Ruby's for lunch. This was nice and I had a bacon cheeseburger which was good. The fries were excellent, best I have ever had for a while. Managed to get a souvenir, fastest shop in the west.
Back in the van for a little bit of backtracking then onto the Zion national route and through the tunnels dug by depression workers in the 1930's. Really amazing. The chequerboard was easily identifiable due to the snow, great pictures I hope. Up the scenic way and the temperature was mild so we all hoped out for a walk to the river to see the icicles. None dropped while I was there but they did while I as in the toilet, c'est la vie! The noise was astounding according to the others. Saw some great stone art at the river side.
Next stop was Las Vegas so a good two hours saw us back at the hotel by 8.30pm which was excellent. The sunset was great and hopefully have some good photos - auntie steffies or facebook for pictures. 
Once back we decided to try out the dessert menu at America restaurant. Very nice, took pics. Once it was over took mum and dad upstairs while Stephanie and I went for a last look down the strip. Went into the coca cola store but could not think of anyone to buy a present for. Almost got another lot of m&ms but decided had enough luggage.

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