Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 2 Vegas tour

The day started with a sleep n and all you can eat breakfast, then a slow meander over the road to book tickets for a show tonight. a long trip through the MGM Grand casino found us in a taxi to the Venetian casino. We walked with mum and dad past the canals of Venice, had a hot chocolate and they decided to return to the hotel.
Stephanie and I then wandered through the Forun shops, all the name brands you can imagine at Caesars Palace, no wonder the rich and famous stay there they don't need to go anywhere for shops. Was amazing interior decoration, set up like a Roman street with suitably dim lighting. After managing to find our way into the Bellagio we walked all over and retraced our steps to find the fountains just finishing the sequence. By the time we walked to the front of the building it was time for us to pretend to be part of Ocean's 11 and watch the fountains play. I recorded it but no sound cMe through. Oh well you can see it and pretend.
A bit further on we looked the bus stop and got tickets which took us to the Mandalay bay casino so we could walk back to NYNY from ther passing through Luxor and Excalibur on our way. The Luxor was amazing and I would love to have been able to see a room - do they have sloping outside walls.
It is so amazing all the details that go into to creative g the theme for the hotel and then we found while at the Bellagio they were removing the polystyrene igloo from the display in the conservatory. Who knows what the photos will be like?

I will report on grand canyon later  refer to auntie steffies for photos and updates.
Ciao off for dinner and show

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