Thursday, September 12, 2013

Another month done

I have finished the ginkgo leaf for BJP and Creative Stitchers this month. 
The ginkgo leaf belongs to Alison when I checked my records not Glenis who often uses it in her sample works. As this was a pieces tried to do quickly I decided to layer chiffon fabric over the vilene shape which allowed the vein lines to show. Once I started stitching the bead lines I decided not to encrust the shape as this would takeaway the texture of the nobbly veins and bring relief to the smoothness of the leaf. I beaded the edge with a single bead buttonhole stitch as I will not be applying this piece and felt that this would give a suitable edge to stitch it on with. This was a meditative piece using a very  small palette of colour.


Sabine said...

Ginkgo leaves are something special, and your beaded version is more special still.

Cyndi L said...

I love ginkgo leaves too...there's just something about their unique shape!