Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another finish

A week of  highs and lows in this country. The week started optimistically with NZ poised to win the Americas Cup. I finished twisted stitcher and completed the piece above Harmony -Earth by Thursday which was also the day we lost the Americas Cup. It was a valiant effort by our team but in the end it was money talking and extra millions we did not have. I am so proud of Grant, Dean and the whole team including NZ media who did such a wonderful job. It shows that we as a nation are supporters of all and we don't need to win at all costs. I will continue to wear my shirt with pride.
I have stitched more on amazing grays, as well as my small floral ribbons piece. Also started is the next beaded piece a red heart so I hope to finish that this week and post to Lynn for Creative Stitchers. 
The term has finished and I made an trip to Auckland to see the musical "Wicked". Stephanie and I saw this in New York in January 2012 and really loved it. I was inspired by the story once again and will listen to the CD with fresh ears. Getting to Auckland was a trip this time, first time flight has been cancelled but I was lucky enough to get a lift with a young man Phil who hired a car as he needed to be in akl for business. Arrived at the international terminal four hours after leaving np airport. Hoping that the flight home tomorrow is fine. 

School finished well with a cultural afternoon for the students and a quiz afternoon for the staff. We were once again the worst team but we only had five members so a disadvantage before we started. 

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