Sunday, June 3, 2012

All over

Just sitting in the Eva lounge at SFO and wondering where the week has gone. Been to alameda but only got some of the shopping so will have to order it later. Went to Quinn's Lighthouse for lunch and it was a beautiful place- sat on terrace and watched the marina go by. Mj hoping to persuade Ewan to go there one day. Also visited Fitzgerald's and had a nice lunch at a local cafe as well as seeing some amazing furniture. Annoyed did not have my camera as it was beautiful fabric. Mum got a cute piece for Marilyn to bring home.
Today got all packed and went to McCarthy's graduation party to say congrats to Kelly for graduating from St Ignatius school. They have their senior lockin tonight which is really weird as it makes the party circuit hard.
Will be nice to get home but not looking forward to the cold as it has been warm here everyday. Today was worst day as lots of fog and cold as well. Tired so hoping to sleep well on plane.

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