Thursday, May 31, 2012

Days out and about

The last couple of days have been out and about (shopping in other words). Tuesday Alex dropped mum and I off at stonestown where we shopped for Marilyn's wallet with no success. No Chicos but we did get See's Candies and a few other bits. We caught the muni into town and went to Westfield Shopping plaza. Found Michael Kors, Vera Bradley and Chicos so did some buying up large. Another muni trip and to the bead shop where we did a quick listing and buying. Mj was waiting for us for the trip home so that wasn't too bad. Mexican from down the road with a margarita chaser.

Wednesday Alex came for breakfast and we went off into town for his blood test. Lunch was a treat at ghiaderelli square and ice creams. On the way home we stopped at a little needlepoint shop with a cute range of threads and canvases. Nice lady to talk to the home along the beach road, hoping to stop for a walk but road was closed for sand drifts. When family all got home we went down to the market with mj's sisters. Nice food to buy for dinner and a stop at "A Grape in the Fog" for a glass of wine and talk. Back home and dinner on for all the family. Back to the hotel after watching another giants game which they lost to d'backs.

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