Monday, June 11, 2012

A Busy Week

The week since I have been home has been really busy and it does not look like easing up any until after the holidays. I arrived home rested and with the precious for Stephanie so delivered it and received lunch with her mum and dad in return. My ladies arrived for class so we had a catch up before two of them were off to Australia for a craft and shopping marathon.

Not much had happened on the school front but I managed to not have a desk weighed under with paperwork – Ina had put it all in a box for me. Took most of the first couple of days to clear it and the emails which I had tried to keep up with.

The weekend was nice and on Saturday had our creative stitchers group meeting with a catered morning tea and lunch. It was delightful and the ladies have asked for it again. I have nearly finished my piece for the guild extensions exhibition so just the finishing to do and then I can give it to Maree for display in Christchurch in July.
Power and protection pieces but not certain if I will put all into the exhibiton.
I went to Marilyn’s for tea and to watch the first all blacks game for 2012. Conrad smith scored the last try so we were excited about that. It was a good game and the next two games against the Irish should be good.

Sunday was a fine day so the washing got hung out and I found time to start digging the potatoes. Last year I only had little ones but this year I have dug this small section of the garden and already dug a whole bucket full. This will keep me going for at least a month. I was most impressed with them and it will be nice to have some large potatoes to bake whole.

My bucket of potatoes
This week we have chicks at the flicks so it will be a fun night as seeing a preview movie is always good.

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