Sunday, March 4, 2012

More finishes

Finished my cushion. This is made from a silk material from J R Fitzgerald and Co, San Francisco and is a fully lined cover. It took me a number of goes to get it to work but only the inner seam to hand stitch. I was impressed with myself and unfortunately could not get the beaded fringe sewn on with the machine so hand stitched it later. I am really pleased with the use of the fabric and it looks quite neat.

Been stitching on my 15 sided biscornu so I have two squares completely finished and about 7 partly done which leaves 6 to go. Also have to get stitching on pieces for the Arts Festival and will have a little corn sack to make this week for the mice to come out of. I have also been writing my story about the village store so I hope it will be all right to put into the competition.

Went for a bike ride this morning and got nearly all the way to the school but ran out of puff. On the way home I pedalled more of the distance rather than letting the gradient and bike do the work so I was happy with that. Went out for a nice lunch and catch-up with friend Shellie and had the most delicious lemon slice at the Shakee Pear at the Stratford Pioneer Village. A great cafe and really busy today for sunday lunch.

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Carlyann said...

Hiya Diane, i love your beading on your cushion, very talented, i don't think i'd have the paitence hehe, love that you have used silk material too! fab! hugs carlyann (swap-bot sweetncrafty) x