Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One Present finished

A Runner for Heather
Marilyn and I spent an evening sewing during Labour Weekend. She showed me how to do the French Braid pattern for quilting. I made this runner using Kiwi fabrics for Heather so it was quite fun. Taken me a while to hand stitch the hem but finished half an hour ago so I am posting it quick.

I have made the quilt top for another one to take to England and I need to quilt it then she can help me do the binding again. I have also made the outside for her bag and have now the inside with pockets and zips to close make then I need to put it all together. My night class ladies have asked for a class in this bag so I will continue this next year after a saturday class.

Organised my polling place for the national election on 26 November so it will be exciting. It looks to be a busy day as they have allocated me more staff than normal so I hope we are busy to make it worthwhile. The training will be fun.
I also have three visits to the theatre this month plus senior prizegiving so life is quite busy.
Keep up the stitching as I have started yet another project.

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pam said...

Your piece is quite lovely! congrats.