Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stitching news

Just a quick note to say that i have nearly finished all the bargello on canvas two of walk on the wild side - yeah.
started a 15 sided biscornu with my night class girls and it will be interesting. think mine might become a couple of cubes by the time i am finished as dont think i will get 15 sides done.
also onto christmas decoration number 6 and about 6 to go but need to find some more balls to use. It is a small pattern called sequin dainty that I have designed so quite excited about it and very simple. writing instructions next weekend and giving them to mum to trial.
been reading up on stuff for election and have training day on saturday so that will be fun. watched the DVD and it is great.
will publish pictures later this week.


Emily said...

How did the biscornu turn out? How many sides did you get finished; did you get it put together?

Emika from swap-bot

Diane said...

I will put a picture of the progress. Most of our group have the 15 sides stitched but not finished. I have done 12 sides with three to go.
I am hoping to get it done before the start of next term which is may 3rd.