Wednesday, September 21, 2011

more Christmas balls on the way

I have been making more christmas balls. Currently I am doing a pattern from the Stitch magazine (2004) which is a petite ball and I call it a Christmas Orb as it reminds me of the Queen's Orb as part of the crown jewels.
Also over the next holiday break I will hopefully be writing some instructions for a netted and sequined ball so my ladies can make one for christmas. Currently i have made about five but i need to make it fit a bigger ball and use #11 seed beads so that is the next challenge. I make a ball and the next one I alter but for the class that cannot happen.

Also at the beginning of October I am going to be taking a canvas class for another guild and we will be making a book cover or needlebook. I have to dye some lace and do some pattern instructions plus I want to make up a kit of threads that they will be able to couch down etc.

This weekend I am off with a friend and her daughter to the Chocolate Buffet in Wellington. A whole night of chocolate and desserts, plus chocolate to drink and crepes as well as truffles. yummy.

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