Friday, September 30, 2011

Chocolate Buffet and Rugby

One plateful of yummy chocolate goodies. the raspberry mousse was kate's favourite.
I went to Wellington with Suzie and Kate last weekend for the chocolate buffet at the Amora Hotel. It was yummy but the pina colada white chocolate mousse finished me off and I could not eat any more. Did not even try everything but the things I tried were delicious. The nicest was the chocolate and Guinness mousse plus I really enjoyed the hot chilli chocolate drink. The white chocolate drink was not so nice.

Even the decorations were made out of chocolate.
The high light when we were there was the Argentinian team came in from their training so Kate got a coupleof photos.
BUT - the bonus - we parked the car at the Intercontinental and who was there but the Australian Rugby team so we had a photo with some of the players. Kate got photos with Quayde Cooper which she was thrilled about.

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