Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stitching taking place

Tabitha's pocket in one of her incarnations.
It has been a busy couple of weeks with stitching taking place on a number of things. I have been putting more stuff onto my Tabitha’s pocket – more needed according to the tutor.

I have also completed the pre-stitching for the Latvian class for next week and chosen some colours. I hope that they look good and I will take a photo of the class next week.

Also I attended our regional embroidery retreat and make a book using paper. It was really loads of fun and quick to do with lots of exciting things being done. I had a blast and think I may make a few more at some stage (great idea to use up old visoflix which is not working too great).
Also stitched a little more on my BJP but not certain if the February one is finished yet.
My Biscornu has three squares to go so wanting to get that done before our meeting on April 19th so I can sew it together at the meeting. It is looking good and I am pleased that I have done it. I will have to look into another way of displaying my pincushions as getting too many for the basket now.


pam said...


I love your pocket too. Lee's was amazing. How nice to have a group so large to stich with on a regular occasion.

Diane said...

Thank you for the comment. I have a group of ladies that come to my place once a week during term times so we stitch all sorts of things. The pocket class meant that several others came so it was a cheery group.