Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Latest stitching

I have had the weekend in bed with a dreadful cold. Started on Friday with a sore throat, saturday I had the rudolph nose and sunday the achy joints etc. Monday I spent most of in bed so not much stitching done.
Friday night I finished another part of Stephanie's birthday present and I will post the pictures next week after she recieves it at Easter.
Saturday was a busy day - I did a bit more on my Latvian mat as I had to spend 2 1/2 hours at the hairdressers on Saturday morning so I was pleased with that time being useful. Saturday afternoon I spent with Maree sorting out colours for Soduku and Crystal Waters.
Saturday night I was determined to sew up my biscornu and made great strides. Unfortunately sunday when I looked at it I did not have the pattern right and some of the squares would have matched. Backwards stitching and restitching later I am onto the last five squares and will be able to stuff it this week.
Sunday I also did some work on my colourific piece as well as starting to write my story about my goddess. I hope she turns out okay. I could not find the bead pieces that I have made but they will be somewhere and I do have more to make. I also completed the February BJP peice except for the hand stitching and applying the back (still undecided as I think I will put them into my book).
I also sent of three swaps for swap-bot - two tea swaps and one christmas decoration so I am excited to recieve parcels. I received one today from Europe and it is full of lovely teas that Suzie and I want to try.
Keep stitching everyone.

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