Sunday, April 24, 2011

Biscornu Finished; BJP 2011

Had an interesting week and finished another item. So pleased with myself as this is a 2011 guild project – started and finished in the one year. It is a 15 sided biscornu from the Stitch magazine from the Embroiderer’s Guild of England. I used a rainbow gallery encore thread in the greens and added a green marlitt, bright yellow perle 5 with a second variegated perle 5 in pale yellow plus the lime green thread was a rayon from Jane Van Keulen (a thread dyer form New Zealand). - Photo will come next time.

February 2011 BJP
February 2011 BJG - Red Eyes
Another ATC finished for the 2011 BJP so this is continuing the theme of eyes - “Red Eyes”. The word added to this one is precious. Lots of thoughts went through my head about this one and how precious our eyes are. Along with the thinking that eyes are precious the title of this piece was “Red Eyes”. Red eyes are eyes that are sore and inflamed hence the very redness of this piece. Precious comes from the fact that eyes that are often inflamed, sore and diseased may lead to blindness and the world of darkness, hence the precious sight is gone. A little bit of darkness in the centre of one eye shows that blindness is creeping.

Red eye also the late night flight into this modern age, a movie from 2005, the effect in photographs when using a flash and lots of eye disease.
Other finished items:
Also finished this month is Stephanie's birthday present - the three knitted coathangers. Lots of fun to knit and gives me something to do at morning tea time. I enjoyed these as all three are different.
The next thing to show are the two birds I sent for my swap with Carol in Tasmania. I am hoping that she should have received them by now so here they are. One of her favourite colours is purple so I did a purple one for her and realised (a week later) after I had sent them that I did not date and initial them. My apologies Carol for this oversight.

Birds sent to Carol in Tassie for the Swap - Bird for my christmas tree.
Also just done today is the most gorgeous phone charm from Maree for my birthday. A little lion face peers out from my phone now.

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Cyndi L said...

"Eyes" is such an interesting theme to have chosen...I really like this piece :-)