Friday, April 24, 2009

March is in the pink!

I have started on the March page and I have been inspired by a 21st birthday celebration that I went to. It was a tropical theme and the young lady is very into pink. I snaffled two pink flower petals and these are the background with other pink material underneath. my little man is stitched around with purple braid (very fine) and I started by beading some of the flower petals. It looks as though he is going to have a very big halo or sun hairdo.
I also am going to try to put on a couple of buttons and other found objects into this piece.

Also this month I have been looking at the ways others have finished their pieces by checking out the 2007 BJP finished pages and am thinking of sewing a little leather top or side to each piece and making it like a book. I have mostly got the same sized pieces so this could work and a friend has an eyelet punch to make holes in the leather for binding.
My other thought was to use a found book and cut out pages and mount the pieces inside them. I may experiment with this also and see what happens.

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