Tuesday, April 28, 2009

March completed

My march lady is done. She is a pink floral lady with fun on her mind. The silk flower petals came from a friend's daughters 21st birthday party - it was a tropical theme party and Loreece is a very pink girl so the pink petals have been outlined with beads and then the young lady stitched with purple krienik braid. The petal area inside the body have been covered in beads. If you look really closely you will see where I have run out of beads but I am hoping to get some from my mum soon so I can finish the last little bit. (its only because I dont like the missing bit.)

I am hoping to get more lei petals from Loreece so I can make her a goddess doll with a flower petal skirt.

Part of my plan for this beaded journal project was to experiment with some 3d bodies to cover to make goddess dolls. I have partially done the first one and he is becoming a little caveman so not certain if I will cover him completely in beads yet. I am making some little faces out of polymer clay which can be attached as well as printing some on silk to apply.


pam T said...

I love your March beading! She made me SMILE right away! great job!

Robin said...

Diane! It's just delightful the way you melded the flower and the March lady into one piece... like a double exposure photo and with the same complexity and charm. Great piece!!!!

Robin A.