Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting Started

I have made a start by printing the background fabric with my computer and halfway through ran out of black ink so think i will change tacks and do the october page this month. I was doing a page called "Blackout in the Naki" as we had a game of rugby here in New Plymouth with our national rugby team "All Blacks" and they played against the Samoan team. It was an amazing evening with 22000 people mostly wearing black in the stadium and the effect on me was tremendous. It has been a long time since I went to a national rugby game (1989 in Twickenham, London) and I think I have found a love for the game again.

My piece this month instead will be the"New beginnings" piece and I am hoping on saturday to finish the machine work to the background so I can then bead it. Not certain if I will have sufficient interesting beads but the seeds will be a careful selection of greens and some browns.


Robin said...

Hi DiDi and welcome to the BJP! Sorry your scan didn't work yet for September's page, but smart of you to move along and work on "New Beginnings" until you're able to get back to Sept. Several of those who finished out the year for the 07BJP skipped one or two months during the year, but finished them at the end. I also know of one who got stuck on a technical issue, was waiting for a solution and got so far behind that she quit. So, you're a smart gal! I look forward to seeing pictures when you are able.

Robin A

freebird said...

Can't wait to see some pictures. Too bad the printer quit on you. As long as you are able to be beading everything is good, right?