Monday, July 4, 2016

Its been a couple of busy months

I did not realise that it had been so long since posting but I have been having a very busy time with school, stitching and swapping as well as card making on the side. For another month I have had to change logins and passwords for everything so it is becoming a pain to try and remember them as now you cannot use the same word again.
Anyhow here are the photos that I have taken of work recently.

The first two are brooches that I have been making for sale in the Percy Thomson Gallery in Stratford. They currently have a textile art exhibition so very fitting they are on sale. 
Flower Brooches - one already sold
Octy pins I call these. Having fun with embellishments
On the Stampin Up side of things I have had a couple of card nights as well as having the odd afternoon with friends. It has been fun but I am trying to use up more of my supplies so the holiday break will hopefully see me making some more children's cards to sell. Pinterest is a great resource for ideas.
My next big project idea is making project bags for my conference classes. I decided that I needed a notes folder for myself so that is what i made. Then as I will be in class with a couple of friends and their usual holder of a plastic bag is not ideal I have made one for each of them. Next I decided that Marilyn needs one for her Betsy Morgan class so a quick visit to steal some of her fabric and i will have it made next weekend. They have been fun to make and I am looking at making a couple for myself rather than just the one. This weekend I have to get all my supplies organised for conference - mostly just needles, scissors, light and hoops i think plus my spending money.

On the home front Ewan and Erin arrive today with Erin staying with me the nights she is in Stratford. It will be fun and I hope that she is warm enough.

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