Saturday, February 7, 2015

Today's excitement

Catching up with the posting so here is January 9th
A busy day with a trip to Alcatraz planned. The day started with a visit to the redwoods in Armstrong national park and then bags in the car and off we went. Sorry about the sideways photos.
 Just has to be sideways until I get home.

Quick stops at Kowalski's Farm shop to buy sauces and stuff then Kintatude for wool and Sausalito was our lunch stop. A look at some house boats first then Soxalito for sox and lunch by the bay.

Meeting up with Jojo and DeeDee at the car park was fun then onto pier 33 to meet Jo for our trip. Tickets presented, photo taken and onto the boat. Nice trip over, meet our guide for the walk up the hill and onto the audio tour. "All press play" which we tried to do but it was most fun when the audio had phones ringing and Mj tried to answer hers. 
A look through the hospital wing which is not usually open, the a wander down the hill, we watched some of the documentary and back on board for the trip back. It was fully dark by now and really spooky. 
Drive along the Embarcadero to Momos where we met up with MP, Laurie and Elizabeth. So much fun and an entertaining night with good company. Thanks for dinner and a fun day.

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