Thursday, January 2, 2014

A very busy day

well today started out with nice weather but has gradually got windier and a bit chillier. I made smoothie for breakfast for Mj, Ewan and myself then biked up to Marilyns (2 km uphill). had a cup of tea, checked out all the party people then decided to bike to Cardiff. Alice tells me this is a 10 km round trip. I managed it quite well but think this was the tail wind on the way. coming back the chain came off the bike and I was a bit stranded as it seemed to be stuck. Walking  back the chain came loose and I managed to get it around the cogs and back on. I was impressed so when the rescue squad came I was on the bike again. A bit nervous changing gears but it seemed okay. Was amazed at myself and how I did this ride so hoping to do most of this each day until race day.

Had all the party food for lunch at my place, then the athletic amongst the family decided that they would have a father/daughter tennis match. Racquets found and off they went so Marilyn, MJ and I were audience and judges.A visit to Dolly's Milk after this and home now ready to go out for dinner.

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