Friday, August 16, 2013

Adventure begins

Just sitting in the koru lounge in Auckland airport waiting for flight to San Fran and then to Los Angeles for Ang seminar next weekend. Here is a photo of the yummy biscuit I am enjoying courtesy of Marie's sister Cheryl who made day of the dead cookies for her birthday today.
Unfortunately I ate the mouth before I took the photo.

I only bought a mill hill kit with me to stitch as still have prep work to do only seminar piece and also thought that my Latvian is tired of travelling the world and not being finished. Also bought a little bit of beading for the BJP but have done two pieces so currently only july and August behind now. 
This is one of the creative Stitchers pieces which I have been using for my BJP pieces. Turtle for month of June. I currently have a heart and ginkgo leaf to do. Ginkgo leaf is started buried did not bring it with me as too fiddly with the range of bead colours I want to use.

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