Friday, January 25, 2013

Home and back

Home after ten days and wedding anniversary for Marilyn and terry as well as mum and dad so a quiet dinner at Marilyn's with all participants.

Intended to have time at the beach but it was booked so the sewing room called and I did some bits and pieces but not as much a spent time at school completing tasks for Phil. Work started officially on the 21st for me and it has been a long week with things getting settled. Seems a very quick start to the year but hopefully Monday will go fine with all the new kids on the block.
My cousin and husband are staying at my place this weekend as they are completing the round the mountain cycle race so I have to start training for 2014. I am in Auckland for a cliff Richard concert and Tiffin Tea at the Langham Hotel with Stephanie. Nice weather and looks like lots more to come.
Alice and David both in Wellington this year so that is good. Alice starts in hospital in two days so the parents are getting here settled into her flat etc.
On the sewing front I have made myself a new oven cloth and nearly finished a Christmas wall hanging that I stitched twelve years ago. Have to wait for help from Marilyn to get the binding right.

Embroidery guild this year have chosen to register a piece of work for completion by December so I have chosen my Latvian mat and Maree chose Walk on the Wild Side for me as we'll. if I get a couple of weekends at the beach I will get a lot done. Have to schedule them into the diary now to get there I think.

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