Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 3 There really are beaches.

Another leisurely start and into town for the farmers market. Included also the art and craft market with some nice items but also the regular items. We purchased a few items for delectation and I also got a cool Xmas decoration. A short walk up the Main Street and coffee later we were on the road around to the coast to kauri cliffs, Matauri Bay, Tauranga Bay and Whangaroa. Nice relax on the beach at Matauri Bay with a read and a paddle. Onward to a few more stops then at Tauranga Bay we paddled again, had a cuppa and ice cream then onto Whangaroa. This was our last stop for the day.
Once home we decided to try the vino by the pool so eventually all were in and splashing around. Quite nice sipping and supping by the pool. Dinner was another BBQ experience with chicken kebabs while Stephanie made the salad. A quiet evening followed with a movie, stitching and diary writing. Early to bed as we have a big day tomorrow.

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