Wednesday, June 30, 2010

more time is passing and I don't know where it is going.

Another fortnight has gone by and not much has been done. I have completed the cell phone fob kit for my mum for her birthday (done while in Auckland, where she was having her eyes operated on). Also I have been stitching some more on my Wessex Sampler as this has been easy to take away to several different functions, Opunake Mid-Winter Christmas (see photo below of the Christmas Fairy) and Wanganui sit and stitch. Also while waiting in the eye hospital I managed to stitch another saying. It is nearly finished and I am aiming to get it done this year.
Also this weekend I spent working on a knitting / sewing bag for mum. I made it from the scraps of a quilt that my sister made and fortunately there were enough bits. I have an extra piece which I am looking at making into a book cover for her. I have just the bias binding to sew around to cover all the seams and then sew on a couple of charms and get some handles and it is done. I will then make one for Marilyn but it will have to wait until she has more scraps.

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