Monday, September 14, 2009

Procrastination - is it happening this month

I tried to give up procrastinating over the weekend and made a start on the last two pages for the BJP - I have done the backgrounds for June and August so they can be started now. I looked at all the pieces on the wall and decided that red – a colour I had not used was the deciding colour for August. I found fabric from an old school blazer to create a circle for the man to rest on so that was quite exciting. I think this little man will be all gold and sparkly as a celebration that I have finished the project. My June piece is on purple as that is my cousin's favourite colour.

My ohter highlight for the weekend was that I started making a new Christmas decoration for class for next year. I discovered that the pattern was in the book in the wrong order. It showed me that I should have read all the instructions first and not procrastinated about it. I wasted about an hour by the time if found the mistake so I was slightly bothered but managed to get about half of it made by the end of the evening.

Still I had a great weekend and was really trying the 15 minutes I can do anything philosophy so accomplished quite a few things including seeing a movie, hosting the embroidery guild for a work day in my house, starting on my creative stitchers piece and even doing all the ironing.

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