Monday, September 7, 2009

here is april

April is finished and the sense of achievement is almost that of climbing the harbour bridge again.
I still have June and August to complete but I still feel a sense of satisfaction as I have managed to keep going with the project. I have found that in the past I start well but do not complete well a long term project so this has been great. I have this month to complete the last two pages and then I am starting a cyberworkshop with ANG www.needlepoint,org so that will be great.
I am looking for threads to do this project with at the moment.
My other accomplishment for this past weekend is the completion of the stitching of my embellished canvas piece and hopefully next weekend I will have made it into the book cover and taken a photo for the blog. yeah!
We have wonderful spring weather here over the past few days with the most glorious mountain ( go here for a visual tour of the province) Mount Egmont/Taranaki and the daffodils have been great.


Robin said...

This piece is so amazing Didi!!! The weaving in the background, the machine stitched zigzag, the bridge and the happy climbers... all so beautifully done! You climbed more than the Sydney Harbor Bridge with this one! I am in awe of your technical competence and totally love your way of visual journaling with the figures!!!! Bravo on getting 10 done!!! Can't wait to see the last two.

Diane Lithgow said...

Thank you robyn. My june page will be another wedding one as I went to a family wedding with my mum while the rest of my family were off at a rugby game (national pastime in New Zealand).

pam T said...

this IS gorgeous. great work!

Plays with Needles said...

Happiness just EXUDES from this piece. Congratulations on your accomplishment!

Diane Lithgow said...

thank you susan. your page is inspiring as well and i make a number of projects from beadwork so i will have to find that magazine now as well. I make christmas decorations which 2010 is going to be goal to put them online to sell i hope.