Friday, August 7, 2009

More stitching done.

I have a face on my July piece and the Little pink lady is the may piece. not certain how she came about but she is very gay and a friend of my March piece.
the background for May is my crazy machine stitching that i did a lot of several years ago and made cards from. She looks like a little cracker, very lively.


Robin said...

July needed a face... much better now. The golden figure behind her makes me think of a shadow or perhaps an alter-ego. May is definitely lively!!!

Robin said...

Oh, I forgot to mention how much I like the backgrounds and how they look so free!

Diane Lithgow said...

thank you Robin. I had a very productive weekend. I planted two rhododendrons (I am not a very good gardener so my friends think that is amazing), made three little scrapbooks for presents, finished my july piece with the face and started on the april piece including stitching the background first. He is very sparkly and joyous. I am hoping to get him finished later this week and then photograph all of them to send for the website.