Sunday, January 25, 2009

Black out completed

October is done and I am pleased with my little man. I printed the background fabric on the computer and then ruched chiffon over the top. Unfortunately the chiffon was darker than I thought and the background printing does not show through so well.
A friend has made a quilt using black and grey fabrics and a couple of scraps were cut to applique onto the fabric to show the crowd at the game. My little man was beaded outside to show that even though the stadium was filled with people wearing all black in support of the All Blacks rugby team you could still identify the individual character.

November is still undecided but the background for December and January is being constructed as long as the sewing machine works (slight problem with the tension). Both of these will be blue in theme.

While I have not been posting I have completed a beaded picture of a snowman, several christmas stockings done in conjunction with my sister and mother for our family christmas in San Francisco and the major project of a felt and beaded wall hanging for my sister-in-law, as well as complete the move into my new home. This month has seen me start a piece of linen embroidery which is a project for our embroidery guild (Central Taranaki Embroidery Guild, New Zealand).

This week is the last week before our students start school for the 2009 school year so after this week I will be busy teaching again and also working my normal hours so I am hoping to get lots of the background pieces done in preparation for the coming months.
Hope you like my little man


pam T said...

Love the little guy!~
very cool with the blacks and what seems like shadows... looking forward to seeing more!

Robin said...

Amazing what there is to learn about the world from the BJP! Not one to spend much time with world news, I knew nothing about NZ's all black rugby team. Your artful piece drew me right into the link and from there to learn more. How exciting!

When I clicked on your piece to view the details, I was blown away by your design... the appliqued suggestion of a crowd and the "ruched chiffon" are superb. I love the story and design of this piece! Hope you get time to get more done because I'm really looking forward to seeing them!!!!!

Robin A.

KV said...

Oh, I love this piece! Wonderful interplay of fabric and beads . . .

Kathy V in NM

Sabine said...

I like your black-out man with the friendly face and the overall construction of the piece very much.


Sabine said...

Forgot to ask: Can you tell us something about the sweet smiling faces your are using? Are they glass beads?


Marty S said...

I love the way you used the texture in the background with the beads. Very nice.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

freebird said...

Boy are you a busy bee! Like your Black Man. It's an intriquing way to journal.