Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beading on the back seat

Beading this month has been on the back seat as the shift to the new house has happened. My friend Liz's dad died on the 6th so her family came up and stayed in the old house. It meant that neil and i moved over quickly to the new house and over the weekend that Liz was here the rest of the furniture was moved in. Neil ended up staying the week so he moved lots of things over. This is Liz and I with her daughter Ashley - on her way back to the Navy after the funeral.

Neil and I then took Liz out to see the Christmas shop and visit the walkway in New Plymouth. It was a glorious day in Taradise.

Also our family has visitors from Scotland. My dad's cousin and wife are here after 15 years so it is really neat to see them. We are quite amazed as Watt is not a real traveller so for his first overseas holiday coming to the other side of the world is really incredible.

We went for a drive around our mountain last weekend and here is my family at my sisters caravan by the beach. Her son took the photo as he did not want to be in it.

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Jacquie said...

Looking forward to seeing some of your bjp photos!! I had a wonderful friend from Motueka who kept me up to date on New Zealand...