Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joined the Bead Journal Project

This week I discovered that my application to join the international Bead Journal Project by Robyn Aitkens has been accepted. This is to do a beaded journal page (project) once a month for the next year and it starts in September this year.
Today I walked to town and on the way home went into the Percy Thompson Gallery. They had the Frances Hodgkin exhibition from the Field Collection and I gained the inspiration for the first journal page. I want to do a series with faces as I have purchased soem little crazy faces from Queenstown and think they would be great for a feature to carry through the series.


freebird said...

Welcome to the BJP. Hope you enjoy yourself.

Kiwi Ellen said...

Hi Didi & welcome to the BJP..

My heart fluttered when I saw your ID on the BJP blog as I have a cousin Diane who lives in Stratford.. You are not her but small world, eh?
I am a displaced Kiwi from Taranaki, living on the Pacific Coast in Washington, USA.

Ellen aka DollieBead