Sunday, December 27, 2015

A wonderful week

We have had a very busy first week of holiday wig a trip to Dover castle, several trips to Canterbury looking at shops and even braved the Boxing Day sales yesterday. Stephanie and I took the children to London, not to see the queen but to see the Tower of London. It was a fun day and think the children enjoyed it immensely.
Stephanie and I went to the choral service at the cathedral once agin which was lovely and very majestic with awe inspiring singing. Christmas Day was filled with excitement as the children recieved tablets from their parents so have been much source of amusement since. Callum assures us that we can still come to visit even though he doesn't need the iPad now to play on.
We have walked around Luke's school which is only about 15 minutes away so that is really good for him. Callum has another 18 months at chartham and then he will be going to school in town as well. 
Breakfast each day is entertaining as we have three squirrels in the garden to watch. Today it was three squirrels, two crows, two magpies and a pigeon, so almost a menagerie flying around. The squirrels are most entertaining though.
Off on another family day out today destination unknown at the moment. 

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