Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Odyssey commencement

This is the first finished corner of the outer stitching on odyssey. I purchased this pattern in1996 or 1997 in Oregon, and started later that year. I stitched for one weekend a year on it at our annual retreat for our embroidery guild but stopped when we changed venues and I started doing the project. This year I have decided that this is my winter piece and I am hoping to get most of the outside area done this term then to buy the beads for the finishing.this was about three hours work as all these threads need to be laid neatly and not twisted.
Well this is the start of the finishing process. Another week on and I have finished another side section here. 

Also this past week has been very exciting as we had a visit from Sarah. She decided that she needed a break for her university holiday, so she came to visit her grandparents and was in time for a big family weekend. David also arrived home from Germany, Alice came home from Masterton and lots of Terry's family were visiting. I had time at the weekend to make an iPad case, so thinking of making another one for my etsy shop. 

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