Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend activities

I know it has been a long while since I have posted but life has been busy. Since the big bike ride I have been doing a little bit of biking, mostly on the spinbike, wii and some walking. Went to Aqua Zumba with Stephanie this weekend, as I am on the annual anniversary weekend trip to Auckland. Marilyn and I drove up on Friday night, she has stayed with barry and Kathryn while I have been at Stephanie's.
Saturday we went to Aqua Zumba then to the French market for breakfast, really yummy. Did some shopping in the afternoon and had a lovely tea with a pork skewers and quinoa and spinach salad. Sunday was church and flash morning tea (Stephanie made cupcakes) then out to Manukau for lunch and home for a rest in the afternoon. Sunday night tea was kedgeree made with smoked salmon we got from the French market. This morning was a lazy day then off to Frolic Cafe to meet Michael for coffee and catch up. Off out to onehunga for lunch so that will be the end of the weekend and the drive home which should be quite nice as not raining and not too hot. 

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