Saturday, December 7, 2013

A busy day

It's nearly a month since I last posted and I think this will be a long on written over several days.
Only ten days left to work and then tidy up for the Christmas and wedding anniversary party. 
Today, Saturday had a visit from Marilyn with some need for scrap booking experience is that was a first. The dad came in to use the facilities, no time for a cuppa and then we had mum to visit and chat. Discussion about Christmas and what to eat ensued so now sorted I think. (But I will need to write it all down for my reminder list.) have shopping list for New Plymouth so that will be in a fortnight I think.
 This is what I have spent most of the day doing some thank you gifts for my Stampin up ladies and bits and pieces for a Xmas present. Hope they all enjoy.

There will be more to write about embroidery, night class, and exhibition so keep coming back.

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