Thursday, December 27, 2012

Latest beadwork

2012 Christmas decoration
My decorations this year have been based on this one that mum did from a pattern given to her by a friend.I have ended up making at least eight of these balls over the past three months for my beaded journal project work. I decided this year that my aim was to do some beadwork of any kind every month so these and the variations have been done since october with at least three a month. I finished off with doing a simple netted ball with star intersections for my friends mum for christmas. After completing the last ball yesterday (Boxing Day) I have realised that I do not have one of this design for myself. Mum got the pattern from a friend and I have adapted it to fit various sized balls. So only two more to make (one for me and one for Erin to take home).

On the christmas front it has been a busy few days since I finished work and I ended up with all the family (there are only 7 of us) here for breakfast and lunch as mum had no water. It was a lovely day and most of the family napped the afternoon away. I visited Stephanie and parents in the afternoon. Boxing Day was a visit to family friends and a leftover lunch - yummy as lots of different dishes from our lunch.
Today I caught up with another friend Sonia and I made her a ball for christmas in June similar to my Febraury BJP piece. She loved it and it was blue so that was great.

Off to Auckland for the weekend to collect my niece, Erin from the plane, then Mary Poppins in the afternoon and a catchup with my cousin sometime saturday night or sunday lunch. A trip up the Sky Tower is also on the agenda.
Happy New year to all and I hope to be a better blogger next year.


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