Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More balls made this week.

This is the collection of balls that I have made for christmas gifts this year. It is a netted pattern with a loop fringe using some glass chips on the loops. Really fun to make.

These two I have completed this week. the silver and blue ball uses a variation of my neptunes wave ball that I taught and designed earlier this year. It was fun adapting it to a smaller ball and using the loop fringe.

School is over and all the students have left. Only the tidying up to do and cleaning out my office ready to start next year again. Training tomorrow on the new absence programme and then some work to do on documentation for next year so that the week before school starts won't be so pressured. Then off to the beach, christmas at mums and trip to wellington with best friend Stephanie.


Karen L. Cohen said...

Diane - i'm trying to get in touch with you about the BJP 2011 and Artist Trading Cards. Please email me directly at karen@kcEnamels.com. thanks.

Barbara said...

Oh my, these are stunning! Those receiving them are so lucky!