Sunday, August 29, 2010

What I have been doing?

I have done of two of the three canvas's for seminar. The pictures are not great but I am quite pleased with how it has gone. The third canvas is on the frame ready to start this evening.

I have continued stitching on the BJP for March. I found a coin from Brazil which had a face that was good but slightly bigger than i wanted so it appears slightly large. I tried to use a brick stitch for the bezel which was not too bad but a bit uneven. I am filling in around with little picots using the delica and #15 beads. I will keep going with this today as the weather is really shocking and quite cold so I can sit in front of the TV and catch up with viewing.
Also since the last posting I have completed two more christmas decorations for sale so hoping that I will be able to do a couple more in the next week.
I am going to see Shrek 4 this afternoon with friends as a relief from being inside as well I watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show with friends who had never seen it. It was a great couple of hours and fun to see it again.


Barbara said...

I like attaching all kinds of things with bead stacks, but have been looking for new ways to do that. I will definitely try your brick stitches, perhaps coupled with picots stitches. By the way, mine look as if I did them when I'm tired too! Don't think I'm seeing the entire piece here, but I love the face!

Robin said...

Coins with faces are really fun to incorporate into a piece, aren't they?! The bezel looks great!

Robin A.

Diane said...

Thank you for the comments. I know I am way behind but I am still planning out the pieces as they come to me. this may be a project that gets a lot done in a hurry.