Sunday, April 18, 2010

The holidays are over!!

The holidays are finished and its back to school tomorrow. Mum and I had four/five days at the beach and we made four beaded decorations from some of our books. I also managed to complete another block for heart of the Cabin.
I spent one day last week making a bag with my friend Sonia and have half made another one for mum for her birthday. I will make another one later in the year for my sister Marilyn, once she has finished her quilt and I can have the scraps.
School was busy over the holidays with a reunion of ex-pupils, and the school rugby team playing against three other schools in a tournament as well as a visiting team. It was great to see the students in our hall and nice to see the finals played in good weather.
We had some warm days and then have had a couple of light falls of snow on the mountain but it has not stayed. The weather has been really great for the holiday breaks but look wet for this week.
Had a great morning today as was on Skype with friends from England who were in Rotoract with me in the 80's. it was really neat to see them all as I havent seen most of them for at least 15 years.

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