Wednesday, June 10, 2009

January Man is well travelled.

Here is the little January man with his mickey mouse ears because that is where he went with all the family. Also his colours were decided because we were in the snow and ice for new years day and then LA so some fireworks (hence the background fabric).
After that mum and I went to San Antonio - his little brown dusty feet and he picked up a wonderful horse shoe while there.
When he arrived home in New Zealand after his travels he had a party (more fun in the background) and settled into a little beach holiday as well.
I hope that you love him, he has been finished for a month but i have been able to get onto my computer to post his picture.
I have april and may to do but I have completed a couple of other things including nearly all the satin stitching on a piece of whitework. - yeah for me that was my goal to finish it in May.


Robin said...

I like him a lot, especially the clever ways you show each of the places you traveled!!!! You Dottee doll is very sweet too. Cheers, Robin A.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Your little man is oh so cute! I really want to find out what the finished piece will look like with all those clever little people. As for the Dottee doll, it makes me want to run out and buy some Altoids. Another group I'm on is having a Dottee doll swap, but I'm afraid that I just didn't have the time to join. However, perhaps I could make one little one just for myself. Even better if I could hide her away in a box, to keep the dust out and peek at when my spirits need a lift..

Diane Lithgow said...

Anne-marie - that is just what i think about the little goddess. I am hoping to decorate the tin and think that the modpodge stuff will be good enough to stick some fabric on the top.
here is hoping it works okay.

Marty S said...

Cute! I love the mouse ears.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader