Tuesday, March 24, 2009

February coming along

This is the layout and partial stitching for the February piece. January has been skipped at the moment until I get this piece out of my head. I spoke earlier about going to a function and appearing invisible. I hope that you can see my invisible man appearing in this stitching - he is hidden by the black and white figures all over him. He has been fun to stitch and lots of time spent thinking during this one. I think when his face bead is stitched on he will appear.
The background was white silk with a striped (pale yellow) chiffon and I machine stitched rows across the figures. My little man was cut out of a piece of fused fabric with a satin stitch edging and stitched on with the beads.


Robin said...

Yes! What a great way to illustrate this familiar experience of feeling invisible in certain situations!!! (Mercy, haven't we all been there a time or two?!) I could see your poor invisible guy even before I clicked to enlarge the photo, but not before reading what you wrote about him. I believe you're wise to bead what you know you need to do and let the rest wait for its time, whether it gets you out of sequence or not. Thanks for posting! Robin A.

pam T said...

Oh yes, definitely saw your 'invisible' guy right away! you depicted this situation of invisibility VERY well!