Monday, February 23, 2009

backgrounds being done

I have been working on the backgrounds for several of the months and my trial for November - which ended up blue as I did not want black again was not at all what I wanted. Here are the two backgrounds - tried for a patchwork look but it was too busy so used a second piece with a large piece of blue and patched at the edges. I have finished it so it looks like an ATC. I am trying to make the man patched as well as my life in November was very much several patches; Prizegiving, school magazine, christmas functions, farewells and preparation for the 2009 school year.

The second backgrounds I have been doing are the january / february ones and here is the February composite - called "Invisible". The january background will also be white but looking at doing some printing of a photo from our holiday on it. It is possible that it may also have a cactus / mouse / skis as part of the printed background.
I realise that December month is missing but I have to print out the logo of the San Jose Sharks and use that colours for the inspiration along with 50 as it was my brothers birthday celebration and that was exciting. The turquoise beads might be a problem for me but I will have something in the stash to use I hope. I have done the sketches for january and february and hoping for stitching time this weekend.

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