Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pele - 1st Goddess

I went to a Class with Christine in Hawera mid 2007 and Pele was the first goddess I made. I took three pieces of fabric that were similar and the first three goddesses are the result of this workshop. Pele came about as her fabric was predominantly red and orange with lots of red and orange beads that I had to work with. She reminded me of the first volcanos I ever read about at primary school which were in Hawaii and Pele who was the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire and lived in the volcano.

Here is Pele with her hair done with a friend from the class.

Pele has her skirt attached and she is rather sassy and modern as she has a belly button piercing as well. The fringing at the bottom is nearly complete using a mixed bag of feature beads. The beads and material of this goddess reminded me of the firey nature of volcanos and fire.

I hope that you enjoy her picture of her complete in all her finery.

Pele has since had an adventureous life with being entered into the Stratford Art Society show as well as being shown off at several Embroidery meetings.

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